AM54943, AM53942, AM52019, AM53407

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Monday, December 05, 2016


This Collector's Corner posting features John Deere Snowmobile Parts. We have hundreds in stock and ready to restore / repair that old sled. All of these part are new, OEM, and priced to sell. Some part numbers that we have in stock:
  • AM54943 - flywheel with gear for Trailfire (340 electric and 440 - sn 120001 and higher). included in starter kit BM21167.
  • AM53942 - Comet Drive clutch plate for 400 (sn 55001+), 340/440 Cyclone & Liquifier, Liquidator.
  • AM52019 - LH spindle for JDX4, JDX6, JDX8, 300, 400, JD295S. replaced by # AM52881
  • AM53407 - clutch plate for JD295S, 400, 600, 800, JDX4, JDX6, JDX8.
These parts are perfect for a restoration / repair using factory OEM parts. Please call 800-743-3768 if you have any questions.

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